Ways to Be Physical with a Sedentary Job


The problem with a sedentary job is that it wears you out. Your body may not be physically tired, but the mental stimulation and creative energy you tap into to solve problems can cause high brain fatigue levels.

You know that giving your body some exercise is beneficial, but your only concern is to find a place to rest.

Your metabolism doesn’t recognize the mental energy used to get through the day. If you are sedentary for eight hours or more, the health consequences of not adding at least 60 minutes of physical activities can be severe. You might gain weight, experience swelling in the feet and hands, develop headaches, and more.

Whether you’ve been sedentary for a while or need a change, these ideas can help you be more physical.

Volunteer in Your Community

Several organizations could use your help and expertise. Youth sports are often looking for coaches and referees, encouraging you to get moving by teaching others. Religious organizations, summer camps, cleanup crews, and similar needs can all be meaningful ways to get your daily exercise. It feels good to make a positive difference, and you might make a few new friends!

Try a New Activity

Another way to get active when working a sedentary job is to invest in yourself. Instead of joining a gym, try pursuing martial arts or a specific technique that requires membership and ongoing work. Even if your classes are only 2-3 times per week, the opportunities to grow can help you meet your health and wellness goals. You’ll still need to decide to go, which is why the monetary incentive is helpful.

Take Care of Your Home

Most homeowners have a variety of chores to manage each weekend. You can spend an entire day taking care of things to maintain your exercise needs. If you rent, try to step up your activities while cleaning to give yourself an effective workout. Although a few moments won’t make up for an entire week’s worth of sitting, taking the first steps forward is still essential.

Bring Home Workout Equipment

You’ll be more likely to use workout equipment at home than at a gym because fewer excuses get in the way. Grab a water bottle, throw on a movie, and get to work on some cardio. You can invest in a heavy bag, weight bench, and other assets to keep up your after-hours activity levels. Some people find that this option encourages a morning exercise session that gets their day started off on the right foot.

Reward Yourself with Good Decisions

It can be challenging to tap into physical energy reserves after a long day of sitting. If you get into the habit of getting some exercise daily, don’t forget to reward yourself! You might pick up a favorite food, spend time in a hot bath, or watch a new movie.

It doesn’t take much to get those 60 minutes of exercise. If you take 30 minutes in the morning and another half-hour after work, you’ll be taking care of your body. 

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