Most Powerful Medicinal Plants According to Science


Did you know that 11% of the 250+ drugs considered to be essential buy the World Health Organization in 2000 came from flowering plants? 

When we use drugs like morphine, quinine, or codeine, all of them contain ingredients derived from plants. 

Although the pharmaceutical industry has become an essential component of modern life, natural remedies are still vital to consider. Many teas, herbs, and medicinal plants offer us ways to feel better, reduce disease, and encourage wellness without excessive processing.

According to science, if you’d like to plant a garden with the most potent medicinal plants, these are the seeds you’ll need.


It is only natural for one of the oldest tree species to provide one of the best homeopathic options for patients. Initially included in ancient Chinese medicine, you can still get extracts, tablets, and capsules that boost brain health. Recent research suggests that it may influence bone healing and provide help against type 2 diabetes.


This Indian root is thought to prevent DNA mutations and provide anti-cancer properties. It works as an anti-inflammatory when consumed, giving comfort to those with joint pain from conditions like arthritis. You can turn it into a paste for topical relief. It may be helpful for a variety of dermatological conditions.

Evening Primrose Oil

The oil from this bright yellow flower is thought to help with eczema and similar skin conditions. Women sometimes take it to help them manage the symptoms of PMS. It may have anti-inflammatory properties that have enough strength to manage diabetic neuropathy. Recent research found that it can change insulin sensitivity, stabilize hormone production, and reduce multiple sclerosis symptoms.

Flax Seed

You can eat the seeds as food or turn it into an oil. Although the benefits may not be as robust with this item, it is one of the safest options available. Early research indicates that it may reduce the personal risks of colon cancer. People who eat them regularly experience lower blood pressure levels, and it can serve as a weight-loss aid when included in smoothies, oatmeal, and other products. You can even put it into a salad dressing.

Tea Tree Oil

This ingredient comes from Australia, thought to help with small wounds, athlete’s foot, dandruff, and other topical inflammatory conditions. It can slow the growth of microbes that trigger acne, but users must dilute it with a carrier oil to have it be an useful product. Most people use this ingredient with creams or skincare products.

Grapeseed Extract

You can get this medicinal plant by using capsules, tablets, or liquid. It provides a surge of antioxidant activity, reducing the symptoms of poor circulation in the extremities while lowering LDL cholesterol numbers. If you consume it regularly, there is early evidence to suggest that it can halt cancer cell growth. When you drink a glass of wine, you’re getting the same antioxidant profile.

Which of these potent medicinal plants do you need to add to your pantry today? 

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